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Bed and Breakfast in Cornwall

General terms

The transactions are done freely between the owners and their guest without intervention of CHAMBRAMIE/CORNWALL.FR


Adding an advertisement in directory CORNWALL.FR

- Association CHAMBRAMIE keeps the right to refuse to insert any advertisement not respecting its criteria
- the owner publishes his advertisement under his own responsibility. He commits himself to check the contents of the advertisement published on line and pointing out at once any noted anomaly
- In the event of anomaly in the advertisement published compared to the request for publication, the owner can obtain the modification of this advertisement
FEES to advertise with CORNWALL.FR
At the 1/1/2011 the fees are as follow:
- basic Advertisement with description : £ 33
............. 1st and 2nd photographs: included in fixed price
- Publication of link to your personal Website (URL): included
- modification of an advertisement : free
- modification of a photograph : free
- suppression of an advertisement: free (any removed advertisement, then reintegrated will be the subject of invoicing of a new advert
The invoicing is for a 12 months period, from the date of insertion
In the event of request for remove an insertion, no refunding could be claimed for the period not used
For application of these general conditions, and for any litigation, the courts of Saint-Etienne (FRANCE) will be qualified

The announced prices are without Taxes : Non applicable VAT, article 293 B of the French General Tax Code

CHAMBRAMIE Association "French law of 1901"

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